Below are our esteemed Judges for this show. (In no particular order)


Hello my name is Tim Murphy and I am an all breeds teaching judge for the American Cat Fanciers Association.

I have been judging since 2000 and raise and show Exotic shorthairs and Persians and have been fortunate enough to have several National wins including Kitten and Cat of the Year. I have also had the privilege of being owned by a Devon Rex and have shown Maine Coons as well.

I love to travel and enjoy judging. I look forward to judging your beautiful cats at the National in Tasmania



All Breeds judge for 12 years Bred Ocicats for 19 years Bred Cornish Rex for 5 years.

Exhibited Devon Rex,American Shorthair, Cymric as well as the breeds bred.

TICA South West Regional Director 3 years.

President of America’s Finest Feline Club.

Stages 2 shows a year.



I have been a cat lover all my life and in my early teens I always wanted to own a white cat.  My dream was fulfilled when  my  music  teacher’s  cat  had  a litter of all white kittens of which one was given to me much to my parent’s teens  progressed the family obtained a seal point Siamese and at another stage of my life I owned 2 Tonkinese.

My love affair with the official Cat World commenced in the 1970’s in Tasmania when I purchased and successfully showed a blue Persian kitten in partnership with Michael Woods. This lead to the purchase of other Persian colours and a very successful breeding and show career under the prefix “Raywood”.

In 1980 a move to Melbourne, Victoria continued our breeding and showed a Black Persian Male who was FCCV Cat of the Year for 3 consecutive years. I also showed Oriental Shorthair successfully.

In the early 1980’s I commenced my judges training with the Feline Control Council of Victoria obtaining my Group 1 (Longhair) licence in 1985. In 1990 I commenced my Group 3 training and continued that training with QFA Inc when we relocated to Surfers Paradise in Queensland. I became an All-Breeds Judge in 1997.

I have had the honour of judging extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand and have also judged many times in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Belgium, France, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, USA, South Korea, South Africa, Hong Kong, England, Mainland China and Taiwan

I am honoured and humbled to have been accepted into the CFA Judges Program at the CFA Board meeting on 1 October 2011 after many years of guest judging for CFA. I was elevated to Approved All Breeds Judge in December 2012, the first Australian CFA USA All Breeds judge.

I held the position of Vice-President of the QFA Inc for 7 years and an Executive Member of the Australian Cat Federation from 2003 until 2006, and held the position of ACF International Liaison Officer from 2003 until 2006. In the capacity of ILO I was the ACF Inc delegate at the World Cat Congress Conference in Houston Texas in 2004, Christchurch, New Zealand, 2005 and London, 2006



I have been a member of the CCCA Member Body the Feline Control Council of Victoria since its inception in 1962. I was first licensed to judge in 1965.

Over the past 50 years I have gained broad experience with judging appointments throughout Australia and New Zealand plus USA. United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and a great many parts of China thus gaining valuable knowledge into international variations of breeds of cats.

I am an FCCV and CCCofA National Tutor and Examining All Breeds judge and am involved in lecturing and conducting of Judges Seminars for both organizations.

Over the years I have shown my preference for breeding and showing with great success top quality Persians in Solid, Himalayan and Marked colours and more recently Singapuras.

I am currently serving as President of the Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia (CCCA) plus Chairperson and holding various positions on many sub-committees relating to judging, breeding, showing and standards matters.

I am honored also to be currently serving as the Vice President of the World Cat Congress. It is a great privilege to represent the CCCA as this level and exchange ideas with such knowledgeable and enthusiastic delegates from all the major international Feline organizations.


Julia has been judging for almost 30 years and has judged all over Australia, in New Zealand, Asia and the USA. She is currently involved in training the next generation of judges in South Australia and also represents the Feline Association of South Australia at CCCA.

Julia has owned Burmese for 30 years and sometimes shows and breeds them. As a vet Julia enjoys difficult cat cases and helping breeders with their problems. She also has a keen interest in animal welfare and has worked for shelters and other welfare organisations.



Over 20 years ago (add a few more on!) I started showing a colourpoint Persian. I had so much fun that I decided to start breeding those “fluffy” little darlings. After 18 months of waiting for a very extreme typed Persian female, she finally arrived from Sophie Hope–Johnston (Solaris Cattery Adelaide). I was so proud to show this beautiful black girl, her name was “Solaris Sweet Baroness”.

Later on, I received a black smoke Persian male kitten from “Mynamz Cattery” and that’s where it all began. I loved and still love breeding me smokes, of any colour. Over the years I introduced the tabby pattern. Now of course, I do breed one of the very attractive patterns, a stunner of a pattern……the silver tabby.

In 2003/04 I started my Group 1 Judges course and completed and passed this successfully. Thank you very much to all concerned.

My first Group 1 Judging assignment was on September 12th 2004, I couldn’t ask for a better start to Judge, I truly was in “Heaven”, a day I will never forget….

Since I started judging, I have come a long way, it was a very big honour to be invited from Dennis Turner and Pat Andrews to NSW and judge at the Ku–Ring–Gai Cat Show! The Himalayan Cat Club show. Two years in a row 2007/08. Lorraine Vahland, “discovered me @ this show” and Lorraine invited me to judge in Canberra, I have to admit, we had lots of fun and enjoyment. Since I have my Judges licence, I came around and I have met through my judging, absolutely wonderful people, we had lots of fun and laughs, just a great time….just the way it should be at a cat show.

My first overseas assignment was in New Zealand, in August 2009, after that, I’m now there every year once or twice.

The meaning of breeding and showing and now Judging is “Enjoyment, Fun and lots of Laughs”, use those words as your Keywords, like I do and you will see you will have always a very enjoyable day at the cat show. I hope that will never stop.



I have always had cats, firstly moggies then my father bred Seal Point Siamese. I met a pair of Burmese in the early 1970’s and fell in total love with them, especially the Blue Burmese. When I settled down in Sydney I went in search of a Blue Burmese and ended up with a Lilac and Chocolate – they converted my partner Don to cats and in particular Burmese. He in turn converted me to Labrador Retrievers.

We moved out of the city to Moss Vale, we had space and time so I commenced breeding and showing in 1987 under the prefix Bima. I breed all colours of Burmese and love them all but my favourites are blue, red and blue tortie. This led to stewarding which gave me a love of many other breeds and in 1994 I commenced a judging course. I completed Group 2 in 1996, Group 3 in 1998 and in 2009 completed Group 1.

I have judged in most states of Australia as well as in New Zealand. I have been involved in clubs as club secretary, committee member and am currently President of the Burmese Cat Society of Australasia.

I have experience as show manager as well as working in card rooms and trophies, also lots of experience setting up and pulling down shows. In my other life I am a registered nurse and midwife and currently work in a neonatal nursery. I have experience in management, aged care, education, women’s health, aboriginal health, community health and paediatrics. My other interests are gardening, patchwork and quilting.


I have been involved with the cat fancy since 1979 when I purchased my first Siamese. He was a chocolate point boy that I showed as a neuter throughout Tasmania. I then decided that I might like to breed a litter or two and a female seal point joined our feline family. The rest they say is history.

I bred successfully under the Evaleeta prefix for many years, breeding both Cat of the Year and Kitten of the Year My passion was Foreign Whites.



Like most children, I always had pet cats at home, though my first pedigreed cats were two Siamese. The first one I actually showed was a Blue Tabby Point called Budaya Blue Charro in 1979.

My cat breeding career moved in a different direction when I fell in love with British Shorthairs and obtained my first Blue girl, Barraby Miss Tiggywinkle in 1982. My prefix is Romsey, but I made a decision to stop breeding because I didn’t like parting with the kittens I had bred. As a result, I moved into the area judging instead.

I am and have always been a member of the Feline Control Council of Victoria, though I have other related interests in the cat world. I have been Vice President of Shorthair Cat Club and for a time in the mid-1980’s I put a lot of energy into Yarra Valley Cat Club.

Before I moved into judging, I stewarded for a number of years, but did my Group 3 (Shorthair other than Siamese-type) judging course in 1990. I have since obtained my Group 2 licence in 2004 and my Group 1 licence in 2010 making me an all breeds judge. I judge frequently for many clubs within Victoria, interstate and overseas. I judge frequently for many clubs within Victoria, interstate and overseas.



I became involved with cats and the Cat Fancy by accident about 18 years ago with the gift of a tiny seal point Siamese kitten who became the mother of my first “show” kitten – a blue point Siamese.

Since that first show I have been actively involved with the Cat Fancy as a breeder (chiefly Orientals and Siamese but also briefly Devon Rex), exhibitor and worker – being regularly involved in the running of shows and assisting on the executive of a number of Clubs. I am currently the Secretary of the Oriental Cat Club of NSW and President of St George District Cat Club and hold Life Membership with both those clubs.

I commenced judging with Group 2 (1996), followed by Group 3 (1998) and in 2005 I completed my Group 1 training. In January 2007 I became a fully licensed All Breeds Judge. I have immensely enjoyed judging in most states of Australia and in the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

CCCA Judges Conference Flyer & Registration Form 2017